Discover: Data Analyst

Discover: Data Analyst

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Introduction to Data

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What will I learn?

Data Analysts collect, manage, and study data from various sources to help businesses make smart decisions. Data Analysts use tools such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Tableau to help measure performance across a company, product, or website and create dashboards, graphs, and visualizations. These workshops will introduce you to these tools and give you a better idea of what it’s like to be a Data Analyst.

  • Intro to Excel
    Learn how to use simple yet powerful Microsoft Excel functions, create formulas, and look up and organize data.
  • Intro to SQL
    Learn how to use SQL, a language that communicates with databases to store, query, and organize data. SQL is used by a large number of organizations and is a valuable skill for anyone looking to work in the data field.
  • Intro to Tableau
    Learn how to make data beautiful and interpretable with the free version of Tableau, Tableau Public. Quickly gather insights about your data and create eye-catching charts and images that make people want to look.

How can I access this resource?

To access workshops, please complete the Data Analyst Workshops Application.

What do I need?

A desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile device with internet service, and access to Microsoft Excel.

How long will this take?

Each workshop is one hour and will include a brief Q & A session. Live workshops will be recorded.

What can I do after completing this class?

If you find that you enjoy the workshops and meet the requirements, you can continue practicing and building your skills here.

You can also sign up to be notified when the next round of Data Analyst Training Accelerator (DATA) applications open.

Complete the enrollment form below to get started.

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