Discover: Medical Biller

Discover: Medical Biller

A smart phone and a ballpoint pen rest on top of an insurance claim form and a very expensive medical invoice indicating patient's share of the bill.

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Healthcare costs and fees concept.Hand of smart doctor calculating medical costs in modern hospital. Doctor completing a Medical Claim Form by Stethoscope

How can I access this resource?

A limited number of Coursera enrollments are available for New Yorkers who qualify.

Coursera courses are provided through the NYS Department of Labor and are available at no-cost to unemployed and dislocated workers impacted by COVID-19.

A “dislocated worker” is someone who lost their job due to one of the following situations:

  • You were terminated or laid off from your job, are eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits, and are identified by us as unlikely to return to your previous industry or occupation.
  • You lost your job as a result of a plant closing or substantial layoff.
  • You have been unemployed for a long time and are unlikely to get another job in the same or similar occupation.
  • You were self-employed and are unemployed due to general economic conditions or a natural disaster.

You may also be considered a dislocated worker if you have been away from the labor force for many years. For example: you were a full-time homemaker and you must now return to the labor force because you have lost your source of income.

You must also meet the following additional requirements to qualify for a Coursera enrollment:

  • Live in New York City
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Have access to the internet
  • Have access to a computer or smart device

What do I need?

A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with internet access is necessary to access training courses and practice skills. No prior experience in healthcare is required.

What will I learn?

Future Healthcare Payment Models: Medical Billers play a major part in a healthcare center’s financial health, and should have a strong understanding of how healthcare providers are paid for the services they provide. This course will review current healthcare payment models and new, innovative cost-management strategies like care management, insurance plan designs, consumer engagement tools, and technology.

How long will this take?

This course is self-paced and can be completed in 16 hours.

What can I do after completing this course?

After completing the course, you are encouraged to complete Everyday Excel, Part 1.

Complete the enrollment form below to get started.

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