Everyday Online Skills

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Everyday Online Skills

Building your everyday online skills can support you in connecting, learning, and growing professionally.

What will I learn?

We will direct you to courses to help you become more familiar with computers, common software programs, and the internet.

You can also improve your professional skills by learning how to build a résumé, negotiate a salary, and communicate through email.

What do I need?

A computer or mobile device with internet access and some interest in learning everyday online skills. No computer experience is necessary.

How long will this take?

Some of these training courses are as short as 15 minutes. Others are much longer, but there’s plenty of content for you to explore and continue learning.

What can I do after completing this training?

If you feel confident in your everyday online skills upon completing these courses, we invite you to explore, discover, prepare, and train with Career Discovery NYC.

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