Explore: Media & Entertainment Careers

Explore: Media & Entertainment Careers

Post Production

Post production is the stage in the production of film, television or digital content that occurs after the action has been filmed or videotaped. This typically involves editing and the addition of sound and special effects.

African american female video editor works on the computer and mounts video from different frames. There is a big TV screen in front

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You Are

  • Interested in working in media and entertainment
  • Somewhat experienced in production, entertainment, or arts industries
  • Comfortable using a computer
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What You’ll Do

  • Work in jobs at post facilities and on post teams in New York City that are creating some of the world’s most popular films, television shows, commercials, and music videos
  • Use software programs to edit photo and video footage
  • Prep media files for editing
  • Organize post production paperwork
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Entry-level positions in post production in New York City earn an average of $15-25 per hour [Source: Motion Picture Editors Guild]

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Growth Projections

Prior to COVID-19, employment of entry-level post production editors was projected to grow 11% (much faster than average) from 2018-2028. [Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics]

It is not clear how COVID-19 will impact these projections, but we expect there to be a continued need for talent in post production to support the advertising and film/television industries.

Mixed race sound producer working at mixing console in recording studio
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