Prepare: Construction Worker

Prepare: Construction Worker

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NYC CoolRoofs

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What will I learn?

NYC CoolRoofs is a City initiative that provides local jobseekers with training and paid work experience installing energy-saving reflective rooftops. The program supports the City’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

You will learn about the construction industry and gain hands-on experience cleaning rooftops and applying a white, reflective coating on them to increase building energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. You will also have team building and leadership opportunities.

In addition to work experience in the construction sector, participants can earn credentials in the construction sector, including the 4-Hour Flagger, 4-Hour Scaffold User, and CPR/First Aid certifications at no cost. The program also provides ongoing career and job connection support for the construction sector.

What do I need?

Internet access and interest in a career in the construction field.

How long will this take?

This program is 10 to 11 weeks of full-time, paid work experience installing energy saving reflective rooftops at a starting wage of $16 per hour.

What can I do after completing this program?

  • Apply for a job in the construction field, likely a non-union entry level job with the help of our Workforce1 Career Centers
  • Apply for a construction pre-apprenticeship (four – seven weeks of unpaid training) with direct entry to a paid union apprenticeship in the construction sector

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