Meet a Commercial Driver

Meet a Commercial Driver

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What program did you enroll in?

My experience at Red Hook on the Road was a superb one with a classroom of enthused diverse individuals from all parameters of New York City’s five boroughs. The instructing staff made us feel more than just participants but rather a strong family pulling together to successfully achieve goals. The few weeks of classroom setting were very insightful, interactive, and educational, which built team spirit and esprit de corps through bonding and networking from sharing our experiences in different areas of the workforce. The course developed our minds and improved our knowledge while the staff carefully prepared us for the selection of our new career path.

From the theoretical classroom group exercises to the outdoor practical lessons, we excelled exuberantly as team members motivated each other strengthening their mental and psychological capacity, which propelled us to strive through to the final day of the course. We will continue to appreciate the opportunity presented to us by Workforce1 and its team of diligent staff as we embark on our future endeavors.

What are you doing today?

I am currently employed at a distribution company that opens opportunities for new hires and  loyal employees in the transportation industry through its commercial learner permit program  for persons trying to acquire a commercial driver’s license and a competitive compensation  package that encourages longevity for all towards reaching retirement goals. The options are endless as employees will be able to garner knowledge on various equipment and improve technical proficiency on technological software devices easily accessible by workers at different levels. The company is an equal opportunity employer that has a diverse culture, which encourages cohesiveness and builds esprit de corps among individuals and groups.

Alrick - Commercial Driver Training Program Graduate

Commercial Driver
Red Hook on the Road Graduate

What do you like most about your current role?

The experience as a driver equipped me in performing various roles such as customer service, sales representative, merchandising and being a good negotiator. It placed me into a leadership role that is supplemented with exuberant benefits.

What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a commercial driver?

It is an opportunity that can enable persons to evolve through great strides, from developing the mind, strengthening the body to exploring different places while networking with people from all walks of life through fulfilling careers. The challenges that drivers are faced with on a daily basis are being a defensive driver to prevent accidents while also being vigilant of inattentive pedestrians and other drivers. In addition, there are many obstacles such as people and technology that could impede workflow. A positive personality can sometimes overcome those issues.

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